New! Friendship Lamp Mini


New! Friendship Lamp Mini
New! Friendship Lamp Mini New! Friendship Lamp Mini New! Friendship Lamp Mini New! Friendship Lamp Mini

INTRODUCING the Limited Edition Friendship Lamp Mini!

This is a limited run of only 100 Mini versions of the Classic Friendship Lamp by Filimin.  Don't miss your chance to own one!  The Mini is smaller...cuter...and communicates with all models of the Friendship Lamps in your group.

At only 3.5" by 5.5", it fits perfectly on your nightstand, in a dorm room or any small space.  It's perfect for family members, empty-nesters, service men and women away from home or that long-distance special someone.

Imagine you and a loved one each have a Friendship Lamp. When you are thinking of them, simply touch your lamp, and theirs will light too!  They can respond by touching their lamp.  Now, yours will change color and you'll know they are thinking of you, too!

Each set of two lamps is already paired and configured with default settings that work for most people.  Simply plug in the lamp and the included 'bridge' connector that plugs into your Wi-Fi router and you're ready to go!  Touch your lamp and your loved one will see your message.  No other steps are required.

You can easily customize your lamp, if you choose.  Decide how long your lamp will stay lit before it fades...set it to 'sleep mode' during certain hours so it doesn't wake you.  Add more lamps and create a group as large as you wish.  And, everyone can choose their own color!  Play color wars with your niece or nephew...when you're traveling, let your loved ones know you've safely arrived...or just let your best friend know you are thinking of them.

Friendship Lamp Minis are hand-crafted in the United States and each lamp is signed by the craftsman  who made it. The lamps are rigorously tested before leaving our facility and are guaranteed for 1 year. They are energy efficient and their unique artistic design adds a beautiful aesthetic and peaceful energy to any room.

All you need is a Wi-Fi signal, electrical outlet and at least one other lamp to communicate with.  Who will you give your other lamp to?

With a simple touch, the Friendship Lamp Mini says everything, without saying anything.  It’s a simple, powerful concept... stay connected to those you love!

All Friendship Lamps by Filimin are hand-crafted in Wichita, Kansas.