Friendship Lamp's Response to Covid-19

I Invented Friendship Lamps with only one goal in mind: to strengthen my connections with my loved ones. When I realized that Friendship Lamps could help others too, we formed Friendship Lamps powered by Filimin. 

Friendship Lamp's primary goal has always been to enhance relationships for all people in beautiful and meaningful ways. That starts with us taking care of each other, which we must do regardless of circumstance.

We know the difference Friendship Lamps can make for families and loved ones especially in this time of isolation, so we want to keep offering them to you as long as we can. But we cannot be consistent with our values and risk our own health to do so.

During this global pandemic, we are continuing to operate, but in a limited way which allows all of us to be at absolute minimal risk to exposure at all times. Our employees still manufacture and assemble, but they do so in their homes. Only shipping and one manufacturing process are still at our warehouse, and the two people who do these jobs stagger their work times and work in different sections of our warehouse.

Our customer service team is working from home so they are still maintaining our established customer service business hours: Monday through Friday 12pm - 6pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm Central Standard Time. You can reach them at 316-531-9511 but you may now hear a random child, dog, cat, rooster, or bowerbird in the background while talking with them.

As a group, we video-conference constantly, sometimes for work and sometimes for breaks. We still take time to be with each other and to celebrate.

Together we have embraced exploring how to continue to work together as best we can. And we continue to discuss how we can all feel safe. 

As a company, we are also doing our best to take care of each other financially. Already we have expanded everybody’s paid leave time. And if at some point we need to close up shop for awhile in the interests of everybody’s health, we will continue to pay our employees for as long as we can.

The pandemic is tragic but it also is a call to action --- to love each other fully and help each other in every way we can. We initially wrote about this when we first became aware of the pandemic. Now we are doing our best at Friendship Lamp to model this. Perhaps, if we are successful, we will inspire others to do the same.

If you have questions or thoughts you’d like to share about the pandemic and our response to it, please email me. I’d love to hear from you.


Founder, Filimin

john AT filimin DOT com