Friendship Lamps

Decorative touch lights

that connect you with those you love


What are Friendship Lamps For?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell someone you love them. A text, email or phone call are all nice, but often they’re just not enough. We all desire something more: a hug; a presence; something simple, mindful and “beyond words.” So we created Friendship Lamps. Friendship Lamps are decorative touch lights that connect you with those you love.

How do friendship lamps work?

First, Andrea connects the Friendship Lamp in her bedroom to her husband Dave's lamp. Dave is away, deployed in the military.

Thinking of Andrea, Dave taps his Friendship Lamp. Both lamps light Dave's color together!

Andrea sees her Friendship Lamp light. She knows Dave is thinking of her, and she responds. Both Friendship Lamps now light Andrea's color.


From inception to final product, I couldn't be happier to be one of your kickstarter backers.

– Collins

The range of colors is beautiful and the size of the lamp is great for a desktop or side table.

– Marie

I have a close friend in Arizona. Sometimes we just send a 'hey' to one another with text or anything, this seems like it would be a bit more personal.

– A Kickstarter Backer

I got this for my long-distance boyfriend for our anniversary. They were easy to set up and are easy to use, and it's a nice feeling to see it light up and know your partner is thinking of you.

– Cat

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