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The Story Behind Friendship Lamps

John Harrison,Inventor of Friendship Lamps


Owners of Friendship Lamps

Friendship Lamps grew out of John’s desire for connection. He wanted a way to connect with his family members who are spread out across the US and Canada. With a background as an engineer, new media artist, and professional musician, John explored how technology could be used in a beautiful way to allow his family to connect wordlessly. He delivered the very first Friendship Lamps to them on Christmas 2014. 

Also on Christmas morning 2014, John proposed to Vanessa. Together, they made the first Friendship Lamps in their basement. After receiving positive feedback from family members and others, John decided to broaden the reach of Friendship Lamps by developing the product commercially. Then others might also enjoy a meaningful way to communicate with their loved ones.

John is now the owner of Technology for Humankind, LLC DBA Filimin, which aims to produce Internet of Things products that can offer connection and beauty. Vanessa is a psychotherapist in private practice and a musician. She and John are also the co-founders of Snappy Kids LLC which makes therapeutic mobile apps for kids.

John and Vanessa have two sons and live in Wichita, KS where they enjoy cycling, sharing family time, and trying to stay one step ahead of the pets.

How Friendship Lamps are made

The team here that makes Friendship Lamps is like a family. All of our makers are incredibly talented and support each other in what we do.

Team behind Friendship Lamps

John and Vanessa wanted Friendship Lamps to add beauty to the world not just as a product but in how they are created. With this in mind, we teamed up with Wichita Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) and the International Rescue Committee to help assemble Friendship Lamps.

The Women's Initiative Network is a non-profit collaborative that provides women survivors of domestic abuse with educational and employment opportunities. Technology for Humankind provides funding to the Women's Initiative Network, allowing their participants to provide assistance in our subassembly work. We also employ graduates of the program.

Saint Francis Migration Ministries helps refugees fleeing violence or persecution in their home countries find safety and build new lives in the United States. Technology for Humankind employs refugees from the SFMM. It is our intention to help and welcome them as residents in our city of Wichita.