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Classic Design Friendship Lamps

Best friendship lamps ideas that you will love

Friendship and its eternal importance

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say "friendship"? Does it take you down memory lane and remind you of people who have been an integral and indispensable part of your life? Or people who have always had your back and showed love and support through the best and worst times? Friends are not just people we hang out with but people who know exactly what we are feeling and going through. As a company that firmly believes in the power of friendship and staying connected, we at Friendship Lamps salute and understand the many important relationships in your life and feel that you must stay connected with your loved ones despite busy schedules and long distances.

Long-distance touch lamps: The perfect gifting solutions

In the modern era where time is scarce, and people are always running late staying in touch with the ones we love can be a tough task. Personal commitments, work pressures, family issues, and many more factors collectively create barriers between the ones we love and us. To ensure that no barricades ever block your way and that you are always in touch with the ones that mean the world to you, there can be nothing better than our long-distance Friendship Lamps. Conceptualized, designed, and developed to bridge the gap between you and your loved ones, our wide range of Friendship Lamps is just what you need to let your friend know the special place they hold in your heart and that they are always being thought of, missed, and remembered.

At Filimin, our expert team of designers and creators wanted to launch a product that enables the entire world to make connectivity easy like never before. By amalgamating the best in innovations, technology, design, and development, long-distance touch lamps were developed to become an absolute technology marvel and an ideal gifting option. Designed with Tiffany print acrylic that comes lined with polished black acrylic, our collection of the best long-distance Friendship Lamps is solidly built. These lamps and frames are appealing and sure to add love and warmth to any space.

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Our classic design Friendship Lamps are easy to order, install and use. All you need to do is buy Friendship Lamps. Download the app and register yourself, enable your preferred settings, connect your lamps and frames with Wi-Fi, and you are ready to spread the magic of love and friendship when and as you like. One of the best things about our long-distance relationship gifts is they are available in many options, come in more than 256 colors, are customizable, and are very affordable.

Once you are done setting up your accounts and preferences, you must ensure that the other lamps are network connected. Every time you are missing or thinking of someone, you just tap your lamp or frame, and the partner lamps will light up wherever they happen to be. Trust us when we say you are sure to light up not just their respective spaces but also their faces and, most importantly, their lives.

Celebrate love and friendship with our exclusive line of products

Long distance relationship gifts

To ensure that we can cater to your specific needs and requirements, we bring to you many gifting options that are a  perfect fit for you and your loved ones and friends. Some of our best-selling products include :

  1. Classic design friendship lamps  – Handmade in Wichita, Kansas, USA, our Classic design Friendship Lamps consist of 256 programmable colors. They have advanced features allowing you to connect multiple lamps to your group. You can change the lamp's color from anywhere, anytime, with a single touch. These lights come with the option of diminishing brightness from 30 minutes to an hour  and go up to 24 hours. Their sturdy yet appealing look is an amazing option for gifting and making someone's day.
  2. Modern design friendship lamps – These lamps come with a simplistic, sleek design and are made of frosted acrylic lined with polished black acrylic. Developed using world-class technology, these lamps come with features such as timers, easy touch, appeal, customizations, more than 256 colors, and much more. By all means an excellent gifting solution for your grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, and the many other important people in your life.
  3. Mid-century design friendship lamps – Handcrafted and designed in Wichita, Kansas, USA, these exquisite and designer friendship touch lamps are made of knotty alder wood. These lamps are stacked and connected with brushed aluminum to give them an appealing and modern look. Loaded with outstanding features, our best long-distance Friendship Lamps allow you to stay connected with all the special people in your life.
  4. Special edition: mid-century mom friendship lamps – Handmade out of knotty alder wood, these beautiful designer lamps, with their excellent features and use of technology, are a perfect gift for the most important person in your life, your mother. Order a lamp for yourself and your mother, and let her know how thankful you are for all she has done for you and for always being there.
  5. Digital memory friendship lamp – Handmade out of bamboo wood, these lamps perfectly combine appeal and innovation. All you need to do is upload your favorite pictures to the account. Whenever you touch the lamp, these pictures will reflect and light up. You can connect as many lamps as you want. These lamps are a perfect gift for your loved ones and the right way to stay connected all the time.
  6.  Friendship lamp picture frame - Handcrafted with pine wood, these frames hold a 4*6 picture that can be switched out at any time with a glass plate cover. An ideal option for portrait pictures as well as landscapes, these excellent lamps, with their design and functionality, are sure to win hearts and create lifetime memories.


1. Can I order a set of three lamps?

 Yes! You can most definitely order as many lamps as you want. Single, 2 lamps, 3, 4, it’s completely your choice. However, it is important to remember that we can take only 1 location per order. So, if you want to order lamps for different locations, you must place different orders with us.

2 . Can I order lamps in a specific color?

You won't have to order lamps for a specific color. All our lamps are developed with more than 256 colors. If you want your lamps in a particular color, all you need to do is go to the app, change the settings, and bingo, you are ready to go.

3. Can my lamps be repaired in case of accidents?

Even though all our products come with a 1-year guarantee covering repair and replacements, you do not have to worry even if your lamps are more than 1 year old. We provide repair and maintenance services and ensure that your lamps stay in good working connection for the long run.

4. How can I clean my friendship touch lamps regularly?

To ensure that you can enjoy your Friendship Lamps for many years, you only need a soft cloth or disinfectant wipes. Wipe them clean as and when required, and your lamps and frames are sure to shine as good as new.

5. What is the life span of the long-distance relationship gifts?

All our products at Friendship Lamps have been developed using only the best in materials tools, and technology. To ensure that you are always connected with the one you love,these lamps can last more than 40,000 hours. We use LED lights for these lamps, and if these lights are not working, we will be more than happy to repair and replace them. 


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We at Filimin are a dedicated and reliable company committed to bridging the distances between you and your loved ones and bringing back the spark of love and affection to your existence. If you are looking for the ideal gifting options that keep you close to the ones you love forever and always, then there can be nothing better than our exquisite and exclusive range of long-distance touch lamps. Order your set of lamps today to become the reason behind the smile and happiness of your loved ones. 


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I am sharing a lamp with Sister A. I have another Rectangle lamp I am not using, Can I ship it to Sister B so the three of us can share? If so, how will I know a light comes from Sister A or Sister B?

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