Bringing Loved Ones Closer: Introducing FriendLi Subscription Model for Friendship Lamps

Bringing Loved Ones Closer: Introducing FriendLi Subscription Model for Friendship Lamps

Are you tired of distance keeping you apart from your loved ones? Imagine a world where you can bridge the gap and share a touch of warmth, no matter the miles between you. With the innovative FriendLi Subscription Model, staying connected with family and friends has never been easier or more affordable.


Two Options, One Heartfelt Connection: FriendLi Subscription Prices offer you the choice of two flexible options:

  1. Monthly Subscription: For only $1.49 a month, you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with your dear ones. 

  2. Yearly Subscription: Embrace a whole year of togetherness for just $16.49 annually. 

But what's truly heartwarming is that each subscription is per FriendLi lamp. So, each individual in your circle with a FriendLi lamp can join in on the connection, sharing the joy with everyone. And that's not all – FriendLi lamps harmoniously interact with all Friendship Lamps and Frames, weaving an intricate web of love.


A Symphony of Touch and Light: FriendLi Friendship Lamps redefine what it means to stay connected. These beautifully handcrafted lamps not only exude charm but are also a gateway to a world of emotions. With 256 programmable colors per lamp, you have the power to express your feelings in hues that resonate with your heart.

Imagine this: a single touch on your FriendLi lamp sends ripples of light to your loved one's lamp, lighting it in the same comforting color. When they respond with their touch, a new color emerges, creating a captivating dance of lights that encapsulates your bond.



Why FriendLi & Friendship Lamps? The FriendLi Subscription Model was crafted with your needs in mind:

  • Stay Connected: Geographical distances no longer matter. Subscribe to FriendLi and embrace the magic of touch across the miles.
  • Affordability: The subscription model brings you lower prices and more ways to cherish connections.
  • Easy Setup: Download our Friendship Lamp app to effortlessly set up your lamps, purchase subscriptions, and start nurturing relationships.
  • Global Reach: Even when you're far away, our app ensures you can keep the connection alive through a simple touch.

Unlimited Possibilities: The magic of FriendLi knows no bounds:

  • Unlimited Group Expansion: Invite as many people as your heart desires to join your group. Everyone can share in the warmth.
  • Synced Symphony: With just one touch, all lamps in your group respond with a synchronized change of color, creating a symphony of emotion.
  • Handcrafted in the USA: Every FriendLi lamp is lovingly hand-assembled in Wichita, Kansas, ensuring the utmost care in every detail.

Missing Subscription Payments or Cancellations: Life can bring unexpected turns, and we understand that circumstances may change. If you ever need to make adjustments to your subscription, such as pausing or canceling, our customer support is here to assist you. Please keep in mind that missing subscription payments might lead to a temporary interruption in lamp functionality, but once you're ready to reconnect, FriendLi will be here to light up your connections anew.

It's More Than a Lamp, It's an Embrace: FriendLi Friendship Lamps transcend the boundaries of distance and time:

  • Endless Color Spectrum: Each lamp can radiate hundreds of colors, reflecting a kaleidoscope of emotions.
  • Seamless Pairing: Sets of Friendship Lamps come expertly paired, ready to infuse your space with warmth and light.
  • Multiple Shipping Options: Whether for a single address or multiple destinations, we've got your connection covered.
  • Connect with Ease: Pair lamps seamlessly with your Wi-Fi, then let your heart guide your touch.


A Gift of Light and Love: Perfect for parents, grandparents, siblings, or that special someone who holds a place in your heart, FriendLi Friendship Lamps are a touch of love that brightens any day.

Embrace Connection Today: With FriendLi Subscription Model, staying close to those who matter most is just a touch away. Reach out and bridge the gap with FriendLi – where distance is no match for love.

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Tia on

If I buy 3 of the FriendLi lamps, do I pay 3 separate subscriptions?

Friendship Lamps by Filimin on

Hi Frances & Kathy! The only Friendship Lamp that will be subscription based is the FriendLi. So any other lamp styles (Modern, Classic, Mid-Century etc.) will not require a subscription to work.

Frances on

I’ve had my lamps for 5 years. Are you going to start charging me to use it after I’ve paid for it? This seams like a mean money grab.

Kathy on

My mom and I already have friendship lamps. We are not going to have to subscribe are we.

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