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Can a Friendship Lamp be disinfected?

Can a Friendship Lamp be disinfected?

Most of the time, a soft cloth will do the trick.

But, what if you have little ones? Or, it's cold, flu or pandemic season?

Wipe with disinfectant cloths to kill germs.

Disinfectant wipes, like Lysol, Clorox or Super Sani Wipes are a safe and effective way to disinfect your Friendship Lamp or Friendship Frame.

NEVER immerse in water!

NEVER immerse your Friendship Lamp or Friendship Frame in water or separate the shade from the lamp base on lamps with an acrylic shade.

Friendship Lamps and Friendship Frames communicate through a Wi-Fi signal. When you touch your lamp or frame, special material conducts your touch to an enclosed circuit board. Separating the shade from the base or immersing it in water breaks that connection. We want you to be able to stay connected with your loved ones for a long time!

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