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Common Problems With Your Friendship Lamp and How to Fix Them?

Common Problems With Your Friendship Lamp and How to Fix Them?

"Friendship lamps are a prominent way to stay connected with your loved ones, irrespective of where they are.”   
A long-distance touch lamp allows you to share your pure feelings with your close ones, such as family, lovers, and friends. The Lamp lights up in vibrant color with a single touch.       
What are Friendship Lamps?   
To ensure that you remain connected with your loved ones, our team of experts at Filimin have developed an innovative IoT-based touch lamp. Built using state-of-the-art technology, these will aid in bridging the gap between you and your loved ones. By integrating the finest innovation, technology, and design, our experts developed the best long-distance Friendship Lamps, which became a phenomenal product and are considered perfect long-distance relationship gifts.
What makes Long Distance Friendship Lamps the Perfect Choice?     
Friendship Lamps                                                                     
Long-distance touch Lamps have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their intuitive and meaningful motive to show love, care, and attachment to your close ones. Friendship Lamps are a perfect choice for many reasons.             
  1. Easy-to-use: Friendship Lamps are incredibly simple-to-use. Affix with your family or friends anywhere, anytime just by simply touching your lamp. When you touch the Lamp, it lightens up another pair of the lamps. This pure interaction can help you feel closer to your loved ones even if you are staying far apart.                                                      
  2. Customization: Long-distance Friendship Lamps are available in varied sizes, tailored- design like modern & classic design Friendship Lamps, and of course, in vibrant colors. It offers a wide customization option for changing colors, to boost excitement that matches your style.                                                                    
  3. Show affection & care: When you give long-distance Lamps to your loved ones, you apprise them that their presence matters the most in your life, and you want to stay connected to them forever. This sense of touch will light up your loveliest soul in a chaotic life and mean the world to someone.                                                                                      
Common Problems with Long Distance Lamps 
Like all technological marvels, even Friendship Lamps might encounter some common issues related to installation and operations that can create hurdles in proper functioning. Here is a list of some common problems identified in the Friendship Lamps.                                                                                                 
  • Inappropriate syncing of Lamps: Long-distance touch lamps occasionally cause trouble so they won't connect correctly. It can happen due to various reasons such as improper setup, distance reasons, and poor network strength of your Wi-Fi.                                                          
  • The lamp is not responding: Due to weak Wi-Fi connectivity and a problem with the lamps' hardware, sometimes your Friendship Lamps do not respond to your touch.
  • Lamp color does not change: We understand that color is the most important part of your Friendship Lamp. However, at times your Lamp might not respond to your touch. Consequently, there might be an issue with the Wi-Fi network or the long-distance Lamps firmware.                                                      
  • Different lamp colors than expected: Sometimes, colors on your lamp don't seem exactly the way you desired. However, this could happen due to weak Wi-Fi connectivity or misconfigurations of lamps.  
  • Unresponsive while touching lamp: In case your Friendship Lamp is not responsive to your touch. Don’t worry!! There might be a hardware or firmware malfunction.     

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Ways to Fix Your Best Long-Distance Friendship Lamps 
For every occasion problem, there are numerous alternate solutions accessible, which can reduce issue redundancy. As stated earlier, massive techniques are available to fix the challenges with long distance Friendship Lamps.     
Here are the ways to fix Friendship Lamps problems.
  1. In case of inappropriate syncing, enable the device location on your phone and give location access to the Friendship Lamps app to let it effectively sync with your lamp. Surfaces made of metal or smart devices may occasionally interfere with signals, in such cases , it is recommended to move the lamp to another space.  
  2. To ensure effective responses from the Friendship Lamps, reconnect the plug on your Friendship Lamp after unplugging it. Secondly, use the whole palm of your hand to get effective responses. Try to rest the Lamp and begin the setup process once again. To avoid hardware issues, users must contact the manufacturer for repair assistance.                   
  3. It is too easy to fix issues related to color changing. All you need to do is to connect your long-distance Friendship Lamps to a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal. Else you can also try to reset the Lamp. In case, if any technical issue, reach out to our customer  assistance to get earliest repairing services.                               
  4. To fix the problem with the visibility of different colors than expected. You need to check the setting of each long-distance touch lamp to ensure they are paired with a strong and stable network connection and properly configured. Assure that during this time, the lamp colors are fixed with the same color for all the lamps.                                                                        
  5. For responsive touch, the brass frame might not line up with the inner substances. Still, if your long-distance lamps don't respond while touching, they might face hardware issues that can be resolved by contacting customer assistance.                          
You can simply and effectively eradicate the small problems associated with friendship lamps by yourself. In case the problem persists, we would be more than happy to offer some suggestions or even assist you to get the earliest repair or replacement services at your doorstep.  
Friendship touch lamps
Suppose you think of showing love and affection to the special people who matter the most in your life. Friendship Lamps are the best long-distance relationship gifts; you can gift to someone, whosoever presence or connection you want to feel.
Like different technology marvels, Friendship Lamps may also experience problems timely. Following the guidelines and troubleshooting steps outlined can be effective enough. This assists you in fixing common problems and keeping your long-distance touch lamps working properly. For instance, contact the long-distance lamps manufacturer if you face any pertinent issues.    
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FAQs  related to Friendship Lamps                                                                    
  1. Why is my Friendship Lamp changing to the wrong color? 
Ans. It may happen if you choose the right color. To resolve this, make sure that you have selected the correct color. Also, check if the long-distance lamps have been connected to the right network group, as multiple grouping can confuse getting connected to the right one.      
  1. Why is my Lamp not connected to the application?                     
Ans. You may download the obsolete version. Ensure you have the latest and updated application installed on your device. In case, still not working, check your Wi-Fi connection, reset the Friendship Lamps, and connect it to the application following the process.       
  1. Why was the Lamp turned off by itself?                
Ans. You may have been using your Lamp for a long time. Inspect the timer settings, and ensure it is not set to turn off automatically. If the Lamp is overheated, it could get turned off. So please keep it in the ventilation area to avoid the hassle.                                                                                                         
  1. Why is the brightness of Friendship Lamps too low or too high?               
Ans. Place the Lamp away from the bright light source rather than the close position. Moreover, try resetting the Friendship Lamps and adjusting the brightness level utilizing the settings feature presented in the application or the Lamp itself.                   

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The app notifies my phone about a touch that never happened…64 times in an hour. I’ve unplugged the lamp for the day and plugged back in. My daughter did the same to hers. We each updated the app as well. This has been happening for about two weeks. I’ve emailed the company twice. No response, please help

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