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Do Friendship Lamps help people stay connected?

Do Friendship Lamps help people stay connected?

If you’re considering any sort of high-dollar purchase, you have a few questions, the main one being, “Does it do what you say it does?” Absolutely fair question, and one we’re happy to address. There are two pieces to that question: physical functionality and emotional connection.

Does it really light up like you say, across the country and around the globe?

Yes! We run every lamp through several rounds of quality assurance testing before it ever leaves our warehouse to ensure the lamp that arrives on your doorstep is top notch and problem free. Provided you and the person with your lamp’s mate have stable Wi-Fi and an outlet to plug the lamp into, a Friendship Lamp will be tickled pink (or blue, or yellow…) to light up your home. If by some chance it was damaged during its journey to you, or you have any trouble with setup, our wonderful Customer Service team stands ready to help you determine the problem and get your lamp online.

Is it more than just a pretty light, though?

Every member of our Filimin team believes that the work we put into designing and producing Friendship Lamps translates into deeper connections between friends and family. After all, Filimin didn’t start up because its founder John Harrison wanted a new business venture, but rather it became a business because it was the best way to share his vision of long distance connection with more people. We all have at least one or two lamps at our homes to connect with a loved one we don’t see often. My high school best friend lives in Colorado (I’m in Kansas) and our lamps help my young children stay connected to her even though they can’t see her.

My opinion is probably hard to take at face value since I’m part of this company and bound to be biased, so don’t just take my word for it. Below are just a few of the hundreds of messages we’ve received from grateful Friendship Lamp owners.

“My Mom passed this Fall, and for Christmas my dad got each of his 4 kids and himself a “Long Distance Friendship Lamp.” As we live in 5 different states across 4 time zones and all have busy lives, he saw this as a way for us all to keep in touch. What an extraordinary gift! There is nothing like walking into the room and seeing it lit up green, dark blue, purple or red…I know that one of my family members was reaching out to say, ‘I’m thinking about you and I love you.’ These lamps are a lovely way to let each other know we care. I feel closer to my family than ever before. It’s funny how powerful a little light can be.”
-Becca Hill Huber

“Christmas 2018 my granddaughter presented me with my lamp. I live over a thousand miles from her and was so thrilled with it and its purpose. Since then, two other granddaughters have joined our circle.  I will be 90 years old this year and words cannot express the love and warmth I feel each day when I see they have each thought of me: early mornings as their day begins, sometimes during their busy day, and always as our day ends to say good night.  I love and treasure it.”
-Rita R.

“Best gift I've ever bought. Worth every single penny. ♡ These lamps have changed our lives. I temporarily have to be away from my little girls. They are 6 and 5 and this is the perfect way for us to stay connected. These lights light up my heart. Amazing quality, easiest set up, literally the best thing I have ever purchased. Thank you so, so much Filimin for making our time apart so much easier and keeping us close even though we are apart for now. These lights give us hope and peace. Absolutely priceless. THANK YOU. ♡♡♡”

Every new story we hear is another reason to keep coming to work and creating Friendship Lamps. If these were just pretty touch lights, some of us might have moved on to work at other companies. We stay because our Filimin Family of lamp owners around the world tell us that our Friendship Lamps make a difference in their relationships, and we want to continue to be a part of that.

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