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Filimin's Weekly Giveaway During the Pandemic

Filimin's Weekly Giveaway During the Pandemic


The current global pandemic affects all of us and Filimin wants to help. Each week through May 2020 we are giving away a set of lamps to somebody at high risk. Perhaps a set of lamps will help them during this time of social isolation when staying connected is more important than ever.

my nephew Logan with his Friendship Lamps

Our giveaway was inspired initially by my own story about my nephew Logan. Logan is high risk and misses his cousins. Friendship Lamps are already making a difference for him.

Entering the Giveaway

Do you know somebody at high risk? Would a set of Friendship Lamps make a difference for them? Visit our Facebook post about the giveaway and enter by telling us their story in a comment to the post. Share their story. We’ll review the stories. Then each Friday at 3:00PM CST we’ll highlight a story that especially impacted us and give the people in that story a set of lamps.

Giveaway Winners

May 29: So this is the last of our giveaways for the quarantine. On our post, we have 7 entries that have not yet won a set of lamps, so we decided to give a set to each of them. How could we hear these stories and not choose to help where we can? So Nolanda Dodd, Heather Wimer, Michael Barnett, Vanessa Shortt Welch, Maddy Miller, Krista Ashley and Christa Dittman, you're all the winners this week. Shoot us a message and we'll get you squared away. <3

May 22: An adorable girl who can't be with her friends, and one in the very high risk category nonetheless, is the perfect winner of our giveaway. I couldn't think of a better person who needs connection right now. <3

Lydia Spencer shared her great niece Alexa's story:

This is awesome! And this is my great niece, Alexa, who has seen our "love lights" at my house and loved them. She is the most amazing, strong, brilliant, spirited unicorn girl, who daily struggles to stay healthy and to have energy to function. What I know, because she never complains, is that she has daily injections and has a compromised immune system - basically no immune system. Like so many Americans, her family works hard to make ends meet, but these guys are so loving and giving, and always doing for others. Alexa is constantly creating ways to bring light and love to other people, in her own creative unique way. She really has the most amazing thoughts and ideas, and love and compassion of an angel.
I know she has a "twin sister" friend she would love to be able to connect with during this time away from school, and I know from first hand experience how uplifting and exciting it is to see the love light change colors and shine the love, because my daughter gave me one 2 years ago. I just know what a difference this would make in this sweetheart's life. Thank you for all you do! 💜💙💗

May 15: Heart failure hits close to home, as my own dad has had heart attacks. I have a sister as well, so I can relate to the worry that Wendy must feel for her own sister right now.

Wendy Ross shared her sisters story:

Four months ago, I never dreamed that my sister would have been in a high risk category for anything like this, except for her age. Just before the holidays, she developed a cough and chest pain that just wouldn’t quit, and it landed her in the hospital, but was diagnosed to be heart failure, which is now true. After a few more weeks of feeling a little better, she was back in the hospital. This time, the cough was worse, she had some issues with kidney function, and rapid heartbeat, that resulted in her being converted with the paddles. Not long, and she was back for a third time, now with right lung pneumonitis and pneumonia.
Of course, she is super high risk now and can not leave her apartment or have anyone in, except me. She’s on oxygen, but still gets short of breath if she moves around much.
Her nephew in Iowa has a lamp, as does her niece in Australia.
I can’t imagine anyone who would enjoy this connection more, or feel less isolated. There are not many little surprises in her day now, and she is not likely to get over this. A connection to family in this way would delight her!

May 8: Cancer is a horrible thing. It is terrible and it takes such a strong person to fight it. I hope that we can help someone fighting that feel a little bit better, even if its only a little bit.

Damien Stover shared their story:

I dont normally do this, but my gf has been going through chemo for the last 6 months. We were so excited to get through her second to last. She cant walk anymore. Her mom is worried 3 states away. She is bound to a wheelchair and I had to quit my job. She is only 29 going through chemo and not able to walk. I can only listen to her cry so much before I break. This would mean so much to her and her mom. I'm at a loss.

May 1: We are so grateful to all the doctors and nurses who are working to fight COVID. From trying to find a vaccine to those who are helping the people who do get sick, they are brave and kind. Staring something like this in the face all day is courage. This RN is unable to see his family, not wanting to risk their health. Instead, he risks his own.

Nancy Campbell told us his story:

I am writing in on behalf on my coworker he is a RN. He has 3 kids that he hasn’t been able to see because of the Covid that is going around because it is unsafe for him to be around his kids because of their immune systems. He hasn’t been able to see them for over 3 weeks. I believe theses lamps would be a great way of keeping them together even with them having to be apart right now.. He has been working non stop. he is the rock holding our facility together during these trying times, and still trying to keep his own spirits up while missing his family tremendously.


April 24: We were touched by the story of Emily and her dad. I'm very close with my pops as well, and imagining him being alone without the ability to go see him broke my heart. I hope Friendship Lamps can help you light up his day <3

Emily Gorr told us their story:

My father is 80 years old and is in a care facility. He is confined to a wheelchair and on oxygen, has diabetes, high cholesterol, his left carotid artery is completely blocked and his right one is starting to block, heart disease (he has a pacemaker and a defibrillator, suffered heart attacks, strokes, and has almost daily transient ischemic attacks aka mini strokes), Spinocerebellar ataxia (a progressive, degenerative neurological disease that has no treatment or cure) and respiratory issues that frequently cause him to be intubated in the ICU. (I actually feel like I’m forgetting something). I usually visit my dad twice a week, and we are very close, so this quarantine has really affected him to where he’s not himself anymore. Because of his age and his spinocerebellar ataxia (his vision is starting to go and he shakes uncontrollably), he can’t use a smart phone, therefore we can’t video chat. I do still call him, but I feel like this lamp would help wonders because of how easy it is to use. He spends so much time alone in his room now, I know it would help cheer him up to see a lamp light up, knowing it’s me saying hello! I already have one, so I would only need one to send to him. Thank you for your consideration. (This is a photo I took while “visiting” my dad back when this first started, but they don’t let us do that anymore)

April 17: We're happy to give away a set of lamps to two four-year-olds --- best friends who live in different states and who both suffer from life-threatening diseases.

Kelsey Thompson told us their story:

I know of two little boys both 4 almost 5, they happen to be best friends, they are both extremely high risk. One lives in Kansas and the other in Oklahoma, they would be a perfect pair for this!
The little warrior in Kansas was born with CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) his case was severe but he is doing well, however any minor respiratory infection is very dangerous for him due to his little lungs. COVID would very likely be a death sentence, they haven't left the house in over a month. The other little fighter was born with Gastroschisis (intestines on the outside) his case was so severe that he lost a large portion of his bowels making him a short gut kiddo. He lives off of TPN and ANY sickness can land him in the hospital. He spends all of the winter months inside, this pandemic house now made life even scary for them. These two boys and their families are such inspirations! I couldn't think of a better pair to receive this gift!!! Thank you for your generosity 💙💚

Thank you Kelsey Thompson for telling us their story. <3

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