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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

As you may already know, Filimin has been working from home for the past several weeks. During that time, we all did our parts to make sure that everything would still function as a whole so that lamps could still be made for families dealing with disconnection. Today is Father's day so I wanted to tell my story and give a shout-out to my dad who helped make working from home possible for me.

My role with the team is currently assembling the circuit boards to the bases of the Friendship Lamps. (See how we make them here.) For this role, I needed to have a decent amount of space to work and store all the supplies needed for the task. At the time lockdown went into effect, I was living in a very small space with my family of four so my parents graciously offered their basement to me as a workspace. It was rough carrying those supplies all the way from the car to their basement everyday but I was grateful to still be able to work at all.  

After a few days of working in the basement, I was missing my usual station at the office because it had the screwdriver hanging down for easy workability and I was having to use a regular hand one. One day while having lunch with my parents, I asked my dad if it would be possible to rig something up for me. It took him a few days but he was able to pull it off.

My dad engineered a pulley system that closely matched what I had in the office.

I was very lucky that my dad was home and able to make my time working from home go much smoother than I anticipated. He would have normally been at work but was home for lockdown. He dedicated 40 years of his life to one company so it was like he got an early start to his retirement. I'm very grateful for everything he did to help make working from home a more pleasant experience.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! ❤️

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