How much data do Friendship Lamps use?

How much data do Friendship Lamps use?

A valid question whenever you're looking to add a Wi-Fi enabled device to your home is "How much Data does it use?" We all want to know if this new device is going to slow down our internet by hogging bandwidth, and some of us are worried about monthly data limits. You can even connect a Friendship  Lamp or Friendship Frame to a mobile hotspot, so knowing if you're going to see some extra charges on your phone bill matters.

So whether you're using a Wi-Fi hotspot or just want to make sure your new Wi-Fi lamp won't eat up all your Bandwidth, you need to know how much data it uses. The good news is, they use very little data! But exactly how much is "very little"?

Well, we ran a test to answer this.

We took a dozen Friendship Lamps and set them up to be automatically touched 18 times a day, and we measured how much data it took. The data showed that they varied in bandwidth usage from 200 KB  to 300 KB a day. That comes out to be a maximum usage of 9000 KB a month. Since most plans are measured in Gigs, that's 0.009 GB. A month.

This image is about 9000 KB

What that means is a Friendship Lamp touched 18 times a day for a whole month will use less data than watching 20 seconds of a single high-definition video on YouTube.

So, regardless of your internet data plan, you shouldn't see any significant change in internet performance or your monthly bill, and you don't have to worry about your bandwidth. Sending touches for a whole month takes less than reading this article!

But of course, if you have any concerns, contact us. We're always happy to help and eager to listen. <3

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