Long-distance gift ideas that capture the essence of Valentine’s Day, its history, and mystery

Long-distance gift ideas that capture the essence of Valentine’s Day, its history, and mystery

Everything you need to know about Valentines Day

We all know that February 14, Valentine's Day, is celebrated as the day of love. Lovers and those in love express their love and gratitude for each other's presence on this day. But have you ever wondered how this day of love came into existence? What are the history behind it and the reason behind all the celebrations? In this read, let's multiply the joys and warmth of Valentine’s Day with everything there is to know about this special day.

Valentine's Day is also called Saint Valentine's Day and originated as a Christian feast day in honor of the early Christian martyr Saint Valentine. It is believed that Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of the jailor. This gesture of love was objected to by many and led to his imprisonment. History suggests that it was before his execution that he wrote a letter to the jailer's daughter and signed it "your Valentine." In the 8th century, Gelasian Sacramentary recorded the celebration of the feast of Saint Valentine on February 14. This day started getting celebrated as the day of love and romance.

However, it was only in the 18th century that people started showcasing their love for each other and began marking this special day by exchanging flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, and much more. Like the rest of the world, Friendship Lamps also feel this day is extraordinary. As a company and as humans who believe in the power of love and staying connected. we wanted to build a product that could help us stay in the hearts, minds, and spaces of our loved ones despite the limitations of demographics and geographies. And that compelled us to come up with our outstanding and excellent range of long-distance relationship gifts.

Friendship Lamps: The perfect gifting solutions

Best Friendship Lamps:The perfect gifting solutions

Our long-distance Friendship Lamps are an excellent amalgamation of creativity, technology, and, most importantly, a lot of thoughtfulness and love. Our dedicated team of experts worked hard to develop a solution that made connectivity a dream come true. Our range of classic design Friendship Lamps is designed with tiffany print acrylic that is lined with polished black acrylic. All our products are made to perfection and promise durability, sustainability, and a shelf life of more than 40,000 working hours. Loaded with the best features, the long-distance Friendship Lamps consist of more than 256 colors, timers, easy connectivity, installation, and much more.

Long Distance Relationship Gift for Valentine
Factors that make the best friendship lamps a perfect gifting solution

  • Easy connectivity – Buy Friendship Lamps to make connectivity easy like never before. All you need to do is order from our wide range of friendship lamps and frames. Connect your devices to the apps and manage the setting. Connect with Wi-Fi. Every time you need to express your love for someone, all you need to do is touch the lamp, and the lamp of the other person will light up. Trust us when we say you are not just lighting up their spaces with these long-distance relationship gifts, but also their lives.
  • Multiple options – To ensure that we can cater to all your needs and specific requirements and occasions, we bring you a wide range of long-distance touch lamps available in many designs. All these lamps come in more than 256 colors. If you want your lamps to brighten up in any particular color, you just go to the setting section on your app and make the desired changes.
  • Multiple users – Another big advantage of Friendship Lamps is adding as many lamps to your account as you like. It doesn't matter how big your circle is, be assured that with just a single touch, you are marking your presence in the lives of all those you love and care about.
  • Repair and maintenance – At Friendship Lamps, we want to bridge the gap between you and your loved ones anytime and anywhere. So, if you are facing any problems related to the functioning of your classic design Friendship Lamps, all you need to do is get in touch with our team. We are here to do everything from repairs to replacements for you.


1. Can I add new lamps to my existing groups?
Yes absolutely! You can add as many users to your account. All you need to do is set it up and register on your app. You can either add the new lamp or ask the other person to send a request for the group that they want to join. For easy step-by-step instructions, check Setting Up Groups and Inviting a Loved One.

2. Is Wi-Fi required for the functioning of friendship touch lamps?
Yes, long-distance relationship gifts can connect and communicate only with Wi-Fi on the 2.4 GHz band. The lamps do not work with Bluetooth and cannot connect directly to the internet.

3. Will the classic design Friendship Lamps work anywhere in the world?
Yes! All our products are made using the best in terms of technology and advancements and make connectivity easy across not just rooms but also continents. When you buy Friendship Lamps, you no longer need to worry about distances before connecting with your loved ones.

4. How many friendship lamps can be connected in one group?
Exactly as many as you like. There are no limitations to the number of users you can add to your account. Technological marvels allow you to connect with all your loved ones with the click of a single touch.

5. Can my lamps be repaired in case of accidents?
Even though all our products come with a 1-year guarantee covering repair and replacements, you do not have to worry even if your lamps are more than one year old. We provide repair and maintenance services and ensure that your lamps stay in good working order for the long run.


We are sure you will agree it is essential to celebrate every important person and relationship in your life. We need to let those who love us know how thankful we are for their presence and how blessed we feel every single day. If you are grateful for the presence of loved ones in your life, then our long-distance Friendship Lamps are just what you need to make them feel as special as they are. Our durable, resistant, and long-lasting beautiful lamps are the perfect gift solutions and the best way to show someone how you feel about them. So, what are you waiting for? Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your loved ones, and choose from our excellent range of Friendship Lamps today.

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