New Owners - Same Friendship Lamps

New Owners - Same Friendship Lamps

Here at Filimin, we’re always on the lookout for ways we can improve not only our customers’ experience, but also the experience of everyone who helps make Filimin, Filimin! Since our founder John Harrison invented the first Friendship Lamps for his family in 2014, we’ve been growing and evolving. 7 years, 3 warehouses, 2 forklifts, and one global pandemic later, our Filimin Family is now almost 30 strong, and we’re ready to take the next big step in our journey as a company.

The first Friendship Lamps. Handmade in John's basement with the help of his wife, Vanessa.

We’re excited to announce that Filimin Friendship Lamps is now under new ownership! John, who has valiantly led our merry band of Filimaniacs since the very beginning, will be transitioning to a full-time position in our engineering department to focus on bringing new products to our incredible customers. “For me, electronics has always been a magical playground,” John says. “And while I have loved being responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, I am very excited to now have the opportunity to create and build again, back in the playground that inspired the first Friendship Lamps. It’s like I get to be in kindergarten again!”

Friendship Lamp designs that are currently available.

Taking over the ownership role will be Monte Ysidro and Jason Bell, childhood best friends and founders of SpecsRX, another local business in Wichita, KS. When asked about the future of Filimin, Monte responded, “Customer experience, technology, and innovation is in our DNA. Watching John create this incredible product, backed by one of the best employee cultures I’ve been a part of, is truly inspiring. Everyday Filimaniacs are able to inspire and connect over 250,000 humans across the world. When John shared his vision with us, we knew we had to be a part of his future.”

Welcome to the Filimin Family, Jason and Monte!

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