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Who knew that a little glow of a lamp could add a much-needed dash of serotonin to grandpa's day?

For many seniors citizens, staying connected can be tough and folks can become lonelier as they get older. So staying in touch with loved ones is incredibly important for older adults - and something that is made so much easier with Friendship Lamps.

Pandemic and beyond
2020 was a difficult year for senior citizens around the world. Whether they were isolated at home with minimal connections to the outside world or confined to a room in their care facility - senior citizens lost so many chances to connect with family.

In addition to family reunions through windows, the world discovered new ways to keep in touch and keep their eldest family members connected and content. One of those ways was the Friendship Lamp, made by local designers and artisans in Wichita, Kan. The glowing little lamps work by touch - tap your Friendship Lamp and your loved one's lamp will light up, across the room or across the world. Whether your relationship is lighthearted or serious, new or well-worn, let them know you're thinking of them.

But, they are never more important than when purchased to keep seniors connected to the world and those they love.

Staying in touch
Jasmine Morritz, who specializes in helping senior citizens who need a little bit of help around their homes, said the Friendship Lamps are a beautiful way she sees families staying in touch.

"I find my seniors sometimes feel like family is checking up on them when they call," said Jasmine. "One jokes to his daughter that 'well, you checked in on me now and you know I'm not dead' whenever they finish a conversation. But, when that little light comes on, it's not family checking on them out of duty, it's just a little glow of love.

"That sounds silly, I know, but it's just a little message and not a reminder that they are old or that the family is worried about them. It's just love," said Jasmine.

While her client has a set of lamps that connects him to his daughter and her family - Friendship Lamps can bring an entire extended family together with unlimited lights that can be linked to your group with a selection of 256 programmable colors per lamp, so grandpa can know exactly who is sending some love their way.

Light up their day
Even a simple glow of a Friendship Lamp light can help seniors deal with depression and loneliness.

According to, depression in senior citizens is one of the most under-recognized and under-treated medical illnesses.

"In the general population, 12 percent of deaths are attributed to suicide. That statistic rises to 16 percent for those aged 65 and older. Depression can be caused by many things; the death of a loved one, loneliness, chronic illness, or failure to adjust to retirement," according to

Friendship Lamps for the whole family
It's not just for senior citizens, a family can connect as many lamps together as you wish. Each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi (don't worry, we have plenty of instructions to make it simple), then they touch the lamp whenever they are thinking of their loved ones. Perfect for parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, or long-distance special someone.

  • Unlimited Lamps can be linked to your group.
  • Touch any lamp in the group and they all will change.
  • Your Friendship Lamp that is paired with your loved one with the other lamp, their lamp lights up the same color as yours so they know exactly who is sending love.
  • Family overseas? Friendship Lamps connect no matter the distance, all over the world!
  • More than 200,000 people are currently enjoying Friendship Lamps.
  • A set of two Friendship Lamps come already paired together and ready to connect to Wi-Fi. Use our Filimin Connect App for quick and easy Wi-Fi setup. Check out our setup information on our site:
  • A single unit can be added to an existing group or can be purchased with another single lamp to create a new group.


Keep those lamps shining
For Jasmine, it's an easy task to keep the lamp pristine on days she cleans the house.

"Clorox Wipes are perfect," she said. "I feel like I'm keeping it clean for him and I can do it without hurting the lamp. It's so important to his day, I'd be heartbroken if I ruined it.

The team at Friendship Lamps agrees with Jasmine - just wipe with disinfectant cloths like   Lysol, Clorox, or Super Sani Wipes to kill germs. These are a safe and effective way to disinfect your Friendship Lamp. Wipes such as Clorox kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, and more. Remember to never immerse your Friendship Lamp in water to clean it, as it will destroy the Wi-Fi connection and break the link with loved ones and their lamps.

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