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The Glow in the Gift

The Glow in the Gift

Karen Gillenwater loves her Friendship Lamp.

Whenever she misses her family, a quick tap of her lamp sends a glowing gift of grandma's love across the country to family in Chicago. In return, she can walk into her living room any time of the day to discover a glowing hello that brings a smile to her face.
"I got the lamp a few years ago when my daughter and her family moved to Chicago. I missed seeing my granddaughters," said Karen, who started a sweet tradition with her family using the soft glow of the Friendship Lamp. "We say goodnight to each other every night with the Friendship Lamp."
The distance to Chicago is nonexistent with the Wi-Fi-connected lamps that send instant messages to loved ones when tapped, whether across the Midwest or across the ocean. Friendship Lamps connect no matter the distance, all over the world, for more than 200,000 people.

Karen's desire to stay in daily contact with her grandchildren is common for older women who say that
grandchildren are life’s greatest joy. A recent study to examine grandmothers’ brain function has
suggested grannies may be more emotionally connected to their grandkids than to their own sons and
daughters, according to Evidence has also suggested that children’s well-being and performance in school are also boosted by the presence of engaged grandparents - even one that is assisted by a little glowing "goodnight."

The Friendship Lamp is the gift that keeps on giving. Karen purchased a pair as a going-away gift for
family moving out of town, but they make ideal birthday gifts for senior citizens, Christmas gifts for
college kids and international travelers.
"It is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to anyone. It’s a unique way to let someone know you are
thinking about them," said Karen. And even though, for now, Karen and her daughter just share a pair of
lamps between them - it looks like the family could be expanding their investment in some glowing love
in the future.

"When my other grandkids are at my house they like using it to say 'hello' to their cousins," said Karen.
When the Gillenwater family is ready to expand their reach, they can simply purchase extra Friendship Lamps and connect them to the existing family group. As her family group grows, the number of lamps is unlimited after all, each person connects their lamp to their Wi-Fi. Then Karen or her grandkids can simply touch the new lamp whenever they are thinking of their loved ones, cousins or parents.
When your own group grows remember:

  • Unlimited Lamps can be linked to your group.
  • Touch any lamp in the group and they all will change.
  • A set of two Friendship Lamps come already paired together and ready to connect to Wi-Fi. Use our Friendship Lamp Connect App for quick and easy Wi-Fi setup. Check out our setup information on our site:
  • A single unit can be added to an existing group or can be purchased with another single lamp to create a new group.

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