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The Ultimate Guide to a Spring Home Refresh

The Ultimate Guide to a Spring Home Refresh

As the weather gets warmer and the birds start chirping we all get that itch for a refresh and what better place to do that than your home? Embrace the light, airy essence of spring and bring it indoors. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to a spring home refresh from cozy corners and snazzy accents to spring cleaning that'll infuse your space with the vibrant energy of the season. Say goodbye to winter's chill and hello to a fresh, breezy vibe that'll make your home feel like a sunny haven. Let's jump right in!

Remote Control Essential Oil Diffuser

Easily infuse your home with refreshing scents using this Remote Control Essential Oil Diffuser, perfect for creating a serene atmosphere during your spring refresh. Check out this essential oil kit to go with the diffuser.

Accent Pillow Covers

Instantly update your decor with accent pillow covers, available in a variety of different colors to brighten up any room.

Area Rug

Define your space and completely change the look with a new area rug, available in a variety of designs to give your home a new feel for the new season.

Monstera Deliciosa Houseplant

Nothing says spring like plants and flowers. The Monstera Deliciosa is an easy-to-care-for houseplant that adds a touch of life to any space.

Pastel Throw Blankets

Add a pop of spring colors to your space with a pastel colored throw blanket (or two 😊), crafted from soft, lightweight fabrics that will keep you warm on cool spring evenings.

Citrus All Purpose Cleaner 

Make spring cleaning a breeze with a citrus all purpose cleaner, formulated with invigorating citrus scents to freshen up your home.

Lightweight/Sheer Curtains 

Let the sunshine in with some lightweight curtains, perfect for brightening up your space and welcoming the beauty of spring indoors.

Spring Welcome Mat

Nothing says "welcome to my home" like a spring themed welcome mat.

Mid-Century Friendship Lamp

The knotty alder wood that the Mid-Century Friendship Lamp is crafted out of screams spring and earthy nature vibes. Plus, it keeps you connected with your long distance friends and loved ones.

Hummingbird Feeder

If you're a lover of nature, a Hummingbird feeder is the perfect addition to a home. Simply place it outside your window and watch the beautiful little birds come by.

Full Length Mirror 

Create the illusion of a larger space with a full length mirror, perfect for opening up your room and enhancing natural light.

Table Runner

Add a table runner to your kitchen table is a subtle way to give your dining room a new look.

Woven Baskets 

Declutter your space with this set of woven baskets. A stylish and functional way to organize your space.

Cordless Vacuum 

Make your spring cleaning a breeze with this cordless vacuum, a lightweight and portable solution for keeping your floors spotless.

Lightweight Bedding 

Refresh your bedroom for spring with new bedding. Crafted from breathable fabrics it is perfect for the spring time and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Pastel Kitchen Towels 

Brighten up your kitchen with pastel kitchen towels, practical and stylish essentials for cooking and cleaning.

Scented Candles 

If essential oils aren’t your thing, fill your home with the inviting scents of these soy candles. Eco-friendly and smells good.

Decor Vases 

Showcase your favorite flowers and botanicals with these pastel decor vases. Stylish vessels that add sophistication and a touch of spring to any space.

Wall Shelves 

Display your decor in style with wooden wall shelves, versatile storage solutions that add both function and flair to your walls.


New plates, bowls and cups add a whole new feel to your dining experience. Plus, they come in colors to suit any taste. 

A spring home refresh is not only about sprucing up your living space; it's an opportunity to rejuvenate your surroundings and uplift your spirits. Whether you're introducing vibrant accents, refreshing scents, or decluttering with practical storage solutions, each element plays a part in creating a home that embodies the essence of the season. 

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