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What is a

What is a "Filimin"?

We’ve often been asked where the name “Filimin” came from. It’s not a commonly heard word, and up until a few years ago, it wasn’t a word at all.

Paint drying on the first side panels of the original Filimin Friendship Lamps

John Harrison, creator of Filimin, designed his first Friendship Lamps to provide an instant and tangible connection between his family members, to help shorten the distance that was separating them. Once the lamps were successfully lighting up hearts and homes, they needed a name. After some brainstorming with a friend, they combined the Latin root words for “lights” and “connection” to come up with "Filimin".

Filimin Friendship Lamps at a trade show event in early 2015

John’s invention of a few lamps that provide little moments of quiet connection for his own family has grown into something he never imagined. Six years later, he’s providing those little moments for hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.

Filimin Friendship Lamps going into overnight testing, 2018

A few years ago John joked, “We’re finally big enough that Google doesn’t change the search from ‘Filimin’ to ‘filming’."

He may not have been looking for a business when he started, but John and his team love being a part of this growing Filimin family. Every time we hear that Filimin Friendship Lamps help you feel closer to your loved ones, it makes all our hours spent keeping you connected feel that much more valuable.

Filimin Friendship Lamps - Wood Design, ready for shipping, 2019

We’re joining with a movement in society that reaches back to a simpler time; to quiet connections; to conversations with fewer words but more substance; to brewing coffee at home for a friend rather than snagging coffee at a drive-thru. People are actively seeking to support small local businesses rather than outsourced big business chains. Many people are longing for the days before life was tied to our smartphones.

Filimin Friendship Lamps in Classic, Modern, and Frame designs, 2021

“There’s a complexity that sometimes backfires,” John said, referring to things like the never-ending abilities of smartphones. “[Filimin’s] limitations and simplicity are its strengths, too.”

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