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Will Friendship Lamps keep me awake at night?

Will Friendship Lamps keep me awake at night?

Have you been wanting a Friendship Lamp but you’re nervous that your night owl friends will keep you awake and ruin your sleep? Or does your best friend work the day shift while you work nights? Whatever the situation, we have the solution for your worries.

All Filimin Friendship Products have a Sleep Time setting!

The Sleep Time setting allows you to set up a specific time frame when your Friendship Lamp will not light up and disturb you. If you touch it or it receives a touch from another lamp in your group while the Sleep Time is active, the lamp will dimly light up for a moment then turn back off to avoid disturbing you. You can easily access your lamp's Sleep Time setting by logging into your account, then clicking on the device you'd like to edit from your dashboard.


If your lamp is already lit up when the sleep interval begins, it will not suddenly go dark. However, if you touch your lamp again after its Sleep Time starts, it will immediately go into Sleep Mode.

For example: if you set a sleep interval of 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM and a loved one touches their lamp at 10:55 PM, your lamp will remain lit at 11:00 PM. However, you can simply touch it after 11:00 PM and it will shut off. If a lamp in your group is touched later on during the sleep time frame, your lamp will light up very briefly and dim enough that it should not disturb you.

It's important to note that Sleep Time only works when your Friendship Lamp is actively in a group. If your lamp is not assigned to a group, the sleep setting will be ignored.

The most common problem with the Sleep Time setting is often that the “Current Time” is set incorrectly for their time zone. Make sure the “Current Time” field is correct each time you change the Sleep Time. Even if you set it correctly before, our user interface sometimes needs a gentle reminder of what time it is after you’ve changed the settings (like some of our favorite people, it’s quirky).

User interface for Friendship Lamps

If you already have a Filimin Friendship Lamp and are having trouble, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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Mike on

Why does the light blink different colors all night long and sometimes during the day. Does it need to be reset?

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