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Friendship Lamp Firmware Changelog

v1.5.10: 30-Aug-2019

  • small bug fix

v1.5.9: 20-Aug-2019

  • updated libraries
  • small bug fixes
  • improve internal testing before shipping product
  • improve memory usage/efficiency

v1.5.8: 02-Jul-2018

  • continual calibration of touch sensing for more accuracy

v1.4.9: 29-Jun-2018

  • significantly more robust connection/communication
  • add ability to save/connect to 2 different Wi-Fi connections

v1.3.3: 07-Dec-2017

  • improve security/encryption technique
  • bug fixes 

v1.2.24: 07-Jul-2017

  • fix frequent disconnects

1.2.16: 12-Dec-2016

  • added support for central database, web portal, etc

1.1.13: 04-Apr-2016

  • initial release