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Create your Filimin account and we’ll lead you through the setup process. Or maybe you are past all that and instead want to change groups, register a new Filimin, set color ranges, fade times, sleep times, or just look around.

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If you have the one-step Filimin bridge, just follow our one-step setup directions and you should be up and running in no time! For those without the one-step setup Filimin bridge, we’ve got you covered. For Windows users we have a step-by-step guide using our Windows automatic setup app. If you don’t have Windows or prefer not to download our automatic setup app we have a step-by-step guides for online setup with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

And we have a tech and troubleshooting page to help if you run into any problems.


Sara, Jade, Diana, Megan and Melody know all the ins and outs of Filimin and they and are ready to help you. They will absolutely make sure you and your Filimin are happy.

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