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Kimberly Starr shared a moving story with us about the other side of suicide - the survivor story.  For those left with the loss of a loved one to suicide, this can be a lonely time of year. We’d love to share Kimberly’s story with you.  
Our mission is similar to Kimberly’s:  Helping loved ones stay connected. Inspiring a cultural shift around mental health will help us all grow closer, especially those of us who may feel isolated.

Our mission is to strengthen emotional connections with loved ones by using technology creatively to enhance relationships in beautiful and meaningful ways. We promote a family culture, empowering each team member to grow and evolve.

We will be donating several sets of Friendship Lamps for Kimberly to use in her cause. Our hope is that this gift can help those struggling with grief to feel connection to their loved ones.


“My wish, and the mission of StarrBright Suicide Prevention Presentations, is to honor the life of our son, Tom, by educating others about suicide and mental health conditions and helping to inspire a cultural shift around how we talk about them.”  Kimberly Starr.

Here’s Kimberly’s story in her own words...


We’d love to hear from you.  If you have a story about surviving a loss… If you have a testimonial about Friendship Lamps making a difference for you or if you have something to share about connections after a loss, we invite you to share with us.