The Story Behind Filimin

Filimin was created by John and Vanessa and initially grew out of John’s desire for connection. He wanted a way to connect with his family members who are spread out across the US and Canada. With a background as an engineer, new media artist, and professional musician, John explored how technology could be used in a beautiful way to allow his family to connect wordlessly. He delivered the very first Filimins to them on Christmas 2014.

Also on Christmas morning 2014, John proposed to his now wife, Vanessa. Together, they made the first Filimins in their basement. After receiving positive feedback from family members and others, John made the decision to broaden the reach of Filimin and develop the product commercially. Then others might enjoy a meaningful way to communicate with their loved ones.

John is now the owner of Technology for Humankind, LLC, which aims to produce Internet of Things products that can offer connection and beauty to their users. Vanessa is a psychotherapist in private practice and a musician. She and John are also the co-founders of Snappy Kids LLC which makes therapeutic mobile apps for kids.

John and Vanessa have two sons and live in Wichita, KS where they enjoy cycling, sharing family time, and trying to stay one step ahead of the pets.

How Filimins are made

We wanted Filimin to add beauty to the world not just as a product but in how it is created. With this in mind, we teamed up with Wichita Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) to assemble Filimins.

Participants in WIN are women survivors of physical and/or emotional abuse. Many are homeless, with children, recovering from addiction, but have already made the brave decision to stop the cycle of abuse for them and for their families. WIN offers these women a full range of services, including job support and training, emotional and educational support, and resource acquisition.

The women at WIN assemble Filimins from start to finish. They solder, program and configure printed circuit boards, operate CNC machines, use power tools, test, glue, and run each Filimin through a 9-point quality assurance test before packing and shipping them. In developing this process with us, they have accomplished things they never thought they might and have gained confidence and competence in new skill sets.

While we knew that we would enjoy working with the women of WIN, we did not imagine how rewarding it would be to play a small role in their success. Our thanks goes to WIN for allowing us to be a part of their team so we may witness first-hand the journey these women take toward living fully with strength and determination.