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How can I change the bulb?

How can I change the bulb?

If you're wondering what you need to do if the light inside your Filimin "burns-out", then worry not.

Friendship Lamps and new Friendship Frames use LEDs, so there is no need to replace any bulbs, etc. Our LED's typically last for about 40,000 hours of continuous use, so they will last a while :)

That being said, we stand behind our product 100%. Your lamps come with a warranty for defects in material and workmanship that never expires!

If you have any questions about whether your LEDs are working properly, please contact us and attach a video of your lamp. If we can't get you back online, we'll bring your lamps back here for repair. And, if we’re unable to repair a defect not caused by abuse or neglect, we’ll happily send you a replacement at no charge!

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Arva on

I have three daughters and for Christmas we all received these lamps. Now that my girls are grown and busy with life these lamps sure bring a smile to my face when I walk into the room and see a specific color. I know which girl is on. I immediately go to the lamp & touch it. Within seconds another daughter will then touch her lamp and then it will change to her color.
I sure wish these lamps were available when my folks were alive. These are great gifts to give to your loved ones and the prices were affordable.
I love my lamp❤️and anyone who receives one will fall in love

Marj on

We love our Friendship Lamp! It makes us feel more connected to our family members. We are in our high 80’s and I recommend it for all elderly who are alone. It stopped my craving for phone calls!

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