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Why We Support Local

Why We Support Local


There are a number of movements that were born out of a deep desire to change the world for the better, but somehow lost the heart of the message as they grew into trendy hashtags. Shopping local has morphed into a trend, to be sure, so it can be easy to dismiss companies who tout their commitment to support local businesses. But keeping dollars flowing through each of our communities is part of what keeps our communities thriving. Few people want to live in a city that has no quirky collection of unique brick and mortars.

Convenience aside, would you rather live down the block from a busy Walmart or a few quiet little shops that make browsing for gifts fun?

Buy from Filmin with Quality Assurance

Buying Local for Quality Assurance

We aren’t knocking big box stores--which of us has not made a midnight Walmart run and been grateful for that ability?--but they don’t really need our dedicated support. They aren’t going anywhere. We also aren’t selling a big box store item for $15 that cost us $10 to make. We seek out quality materials to create a quality lamp, and buying mostly from local sources allows us to be more sure of that quality. We can’t imagine skimping on materials just so our lamp is cheaper, because then we couldn’t guarantee its quality. Our small local team then takes those materials and hand crafts nearly every aspect of our lamps in Wichita, KS.

Friendship Lamps with Quality Assurance

“Not enough words to explain how happy I am.....but I'll try! Once again we have got a great quality product.....whose sole purpose is to bring friends and family together. This is a solid product, backed by a solid support idea by a few shared with the world. If you think the product is a bit on the pricey's not. It's not to be outdone by knockoffs and behind the scenes the product you're paying for brings support to people who have been give an opportunity not available before......a job without judgement. You are helping support people who either may not have been given an opportunity to work before by force or because of their nationality. This company from behind the scenes to the product in my home is all about compassion for people. That is what John sells.....the lamp is the instrument in which this is all done. I look forward to buying more lamps in the future!” -- Michael B.

John, founder of Filimin Friendship Lamps, frequently attends local entrepreneurial, small business events to learn about and network with other start-ups in the area. We love everything about small businesses and the creativity that flows from them.

Team behind Friendship Lamps

I’m not from Kansas--why does supporting local matter to me?

If you’re not from Wichita, we get that you may not care that we try so hard to use local sources. Understand that our goal isn’t just to support our hometown, but to support our country. We truly do all we can to buy what we need from within the U.S. Not only does this keep money flowing through our country rather than out of it, but it’s also easier to verify high quality materials within our borders, allowing us to continue providing you with high quality lamps.

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