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What is a Filimin Friendship Lamp?

What is a Filimin Friendship Lamp?

Perhaps you are thinking about buying some Filimin Friendship Lamps and you probably have some questions before you make a purchase:
Why would you want them?...
Why would you not want them?...
How do they work?...
How would you use them, and why?...

You might be thinking, “I already have a phone, why don’t I just call or text my loved ones?” You still can! If that is how you’d rather send your affection, our Friendship Lamps may not be for you and that’s totally okay.
For us at Filimin, Friendship Lamps are something more... a wordless, subtle, unobtrusive, and simple way to send a feeling.

Sometimes it’s hard to reach out or you don’t know what to say but you still want to show a loved one that you care. Sometimes the feeling of knowing that someone cares is more important than looking at a message. Checking your phone for comfort can sometimes lead to feeling more alone, but seeing your Friendship Lamp glow with your loved one’s color is a gentle sign that you are NOT alone. Whenever you see your lamp light up, it’s an unobtrusive way to stay in touch with your loved ones.

So what is a Friendship Lamp?
Friendship Lamps are easy to use: simply touch your Friendship Lamp to light it up and its pair will light up the same color! You can easily connect two, three, four, or several lamps together into one group.

Friendship Lamps connect through the internet and will work at any distance, you can have as many people in your group as you wish! When someone touches one lamp, all the lamps in your group will light up the same color.  Everyone will know who touched it by the color it lights up! Every Friendship Lamp can light up with hundreds of colors so there are plenty of color options for you and all of your loved ones to choose from.

We currently offer 4 types of Friendship products that are all compatible with each other.

Starting at $170 for a pair, these are the 4 types of Filimin available to choose from, including our Friendship Frame! We understand that sounds expensive, especially if you want to add more than a few people to your group.

We do our best to offer a quality product at a price that pays our employees fairly. We are located in the United States and every step of the process is done by hand. Each lamp is a unique work of art and we sign each one to show that it was made by a human and not a machine.

Filimin Friendship Lamps work anywhere in the world but our warehouse only ships in the US. For international shipping, you can shop through our international partner UncommonGoods. If you would like to have your lamps sent to two different locations, place two separate orders for singles. You can easily pair them when they arrive or if you’d rather, send us a message and we’ll be sure to get them paired for you.

Once you receive your Filimin Friendship Lamp, you’ll need to first connect it to your WiFi. All our Filimin products come with an optional Filimin Bridge, which can be used to make setup super quick and easy. Just plug the bridge into your router and your lamp will connect! If you’re ever having trouble, give us a call at 201-720-6531 and our customer service team will be happy to help.

Once your Friendship Lamp is connected to Wi-Fi, you can use our mobile-friendly website to personalize its color. While logged in, you can also access all of the other settings (including sleep time) for any lamp in your group. This way you can easily help those in your group who do not want to create an account or those who might have some difficulty with technology in general.

So where do you go from here?

We know that you’ll love Friendship Lamps and your loved ones will love receiving them as gifts but you might still be thinking, what if they don’t love it? Just send it back in the first month for a full refund. Our Forever Guarantee lets you return your Friendship Lamps at any time for defects, and if they ever stop working, we’ll get them fixed for you free of charge!

This map shows which cities have active Filimin Friendship Lamps across the United States.

We invented Filimin Friendship Lamps as part of our contribution to make the world a better place and since then we have sold over 200,000 lamps. There are hundreds of stories from happy customers who have told us what a difference Friendship Lamps have made for them.

How will Filimin Friendship products make a difference in your life?


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